How To Pick Fishing Equipment

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Before determining suitable for fishing equipment we use, you should read carefully the selection of fishing equipment tips appropriate for our use.

1. Determine fishing equipment will be used where we want to buy. At sea (Saltwater) or in fresh water such as river / lake / Pond (Freshwater).

2. How much budget / funds you provide to purchase fishing equipment, if you have unlimited funds, means of selecting a fishing pole for you very easily, can choose rod, reel, bait strings easily, but if your funds are limited, the selection of appropriate fishing gear is in need.

3. Equipment necessary for both saltwater and freshwater fishing: Fishing rods, Reel, strings, Kail, tin, buoys

Choosing a fishing pole to sea.

1. For the selection of sea fishing equipment to be more expensive in terms of cost. As seen from the fish catch, the sea depth, type of fishing, it takes a hefty reel, fishing rod strong, great strings, great hook.

2. Fishing dilautpun subdivided into

a. Middle of the Sea Fishing Boat

b. Fishing Authorship / sandy

3. Fishing in deep sea or shallow sea, the sea in the south such as Java, southern Sumatra, Papua ocean or sea that has a large fish such as GT, shallow seas such as in the North Sea or the Java sea, which generally have a large fish with 2-10 kg.

Choosing a Fishing Tackle for Freshwater

1. For the cost of fishing for freshwater (lakes, ponds, rivers) are generally less expensive. Because many local and branded options.

2. measures such as a fishing pole and reel fishing rod used to power smaller. (for common fish found in Indonesia)

3. For using that reel size 500 - 4000, with the power rod 5-20 lb.

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