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If You are from Outside Indonesia, Please Make an order via E-mail to [email protected] and write your name and address, city and country, so we can add your city in our list with shipping cost.

How to Make Reservations at Ocean Fishindo Yogyakarta. There are several ways to make a reservation at the store trusted fishing equipment.

1. Online through the website

2. By Email to [email protected] or [email protected]

3. SMS / Phone / BBM (Blackberry Messenger): 0878 7007 5555 / 0274-512662 / 27FEE632

1. Online booking instructions on the website

a. On the main page or home there are several options flagship product, New or bestseller.

b. On the menu there are several options menu category by Brand categories of fishing gear and fishing equipment categories such as: Reel, Fishing rods, strings, bait, accessories, and fishing gear 2nd.

c.To find the desired fishing equipment can directly use the search facility at the top of the menu.

d. On the category or product on the left hand side there's a search option product names alphabetically.

Sample Order online at the website:

1.1 You want to order AJIKING Reel BLACK FIN, then you can do a search through the product category menu Reel - Spinning or on the menu and then look for the brand select Ajiking product name AJIKING Reel BLACK FIN.

1.2 In view product detail Reel AJIKING BLACK FIN deskiripsi reel will be shown along with the original image of the reel.

1.3 Before you click add to cart, select the first choice of the type of reel Reel AJIKING BLACK FIN, type 5000 or 6000.

1.4 After you mark the type of product you want to fill how much reel you want. If just one directly just click the button to add kekeranjang, if more fox stuffing in the column Qty.

1.5 If you are finished selecting items click the Shopping Cart at the top left to view your shopping cart and the total price and the estimated shipping cost to your city. After Ok click the Finish button to complete delivery details and your data and their preferred method of payment.

1.6 Once you get a confirmation on the website that the ordered items / your order has been received, you will receive an email from [email protected] for order details and the amount to be transferred. Please transfer the appropriate amount of price of your order along with shipping charges kirimnya to BCA or Mandiri Shop Cheap Fishing | Ocean Fishindo in

BCA: 126 043 XXX9 An: A. Andi Irawan XXXXXXXX


INDEPENDENT: 137 000 888 An 9xxx: A. Andi Irawan XXXXXXXX

NB: | Ocean Fishindo just using BCA and Mandiri AN account. A. Andi Irawan XXXX (the full account number and account name when you make reservations there stuff.

2. Booking via E-Mail

To reserve items via email can send E-mail to [email protected] or [email protected]

In the email please include in the subject line Booking Fishing Tackle (Your Name, Your City), Example: Order Fishing Tackle (Barri, Mataram)

the email field write the name and code of goods Goods, Type / Color / Size Items. Total Merchandise and detail its name, no hp, and shipping address.

Example: Fishing Tools following message:

1. Reel PENN BATTLE, Product Code: RP0003, Type: 6000, Number 1

2. The strings SUFIX Performance Fuse Braid PE, Product Code: PS6640, Size: 10 Lbs. Quantity: 2

Name: Bima

Address: 23 Jalan turtledoves, Malang

Hp No.: 0813123456

Shipping: Regular Jne

Account: Self

3. Booking through BBM / SMS / Phone

Write your message bbm or sms with the format: Message # name # Item # Item Code Type / Size / Color # Artpaper # name, address, nohp

Example: Message # Reel # Kaizen Iken RKZ0003 # 4000 # 1 # Hartono, Jln.Marlini 20, Palembang, Sum-Cell, 08151234567

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